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Kia Soul test: still more refined style.

Launched in 2008, the Soul was a real statement of intent. With its friendly lines, he announced the future direction of the brand: the style of Kia would never fade. The Sportage, Picanto, Rio and Optima were enrolled in this direction.

Despite his friendly face, self did not win the expected success in France's own admission officials Kia France, this small "crossover" designed for the United States was not promoted as much as our market Other models of the brand, it is true that the segment to which it belongs has not increased as much as the manufacturers had hoped.

Thus, the Nissan Cube, Nissan launched in 2009 by the European market is a commercial failure despite its success in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Nevertheless, the small "crossover" of Kia could not escape its restyled mid-career Fortunately, the designers had the foresight not to distort the line of this small cube on wheels, that n ' has not aged.

The restyled Soul is recognized, however, the new front, consisting of optical reworked and shield wider hosting larger fog.

Inside, the changes appear more discreet The most notable of these is the emergence of a new more sophisticated center console with a new display and the plastic a little less frustrated Gaiety is always what you through the "atmosphere" black, red or cream on the Sport trim fabric "Tartan" adds a touch of personalization.

We appreciate the arrival of the depth adjustment of the steering wheel (it was previously adjusted in height), now proposed to act on all versions.

In terms of roominess, the Soul took sides. The rear seats are favored over the trunk, with 222 liters appear well chick. The bench seats three, however, can easily accommodate two adults in excellent conditions.

We chose to test two new techniques of facelift: 16 GDI engine 140 hp from the Hyundai Veloster and the new six-speed automatic transmission only available on 16 CRDi 128 hp with its 140 hp, 16 Soul of a machine is versatile, comfortable on road and highway rather quiet fills his office effectively.However, the new automatic gearbox disappoint.Very sweet, she is however quite slow and too patina, which has the effect of stifling the engine and significantly increase consumption: combined cycle the gap between manual and automatic version is equivalent to a liter, a record (5.9 liters against 4.9 liters per 100 km)! Despite his young age, it seems late for several generations on the latest automatic transmissions.

From the standpoint of comfort, Soul corrects one of its main shortcomings: the soundproofing The engine is now much less road noise and turn out better controlled, however, the suspension proved just as uncomfortable Far too strong It does not filter very little inequality, even on small wheels fitted Soul 16 inches.

Despite criticism, Kia has apparently he would not give up driving behavior such as "kart" very inspired by that of the Mini's positive counterpart is in a remarkable body roll control for a vehicle raised the little Kia shows fun to drive despite missing leadership always a bit of balance.

The Soul recorded a significant increase in its rates partly explained by the extra facilities offered in series Thus, the version of Access 16 GDi 140 hp ? 16,790 Style is charged, or ? 1,700 more than the old Soul 16 The plug-board computer, alloy wheels, body-color mirrors are now part of standard equipment.

The Soul is at least the same price bracket as the two main competitors from Nissan, the Juke and the Cube.

Kia Soul 1.6 GDi 140 hp Active18.190 Malus ? 2012: ? 200

I'm not DSOL KIA dealer! I would just point out that the silent equipment trs note prices low, while the KIA Soul is well located in the price: see my comparison with the Nissan Cube and Juke And for the small safe in the least, I do not understand that we put this without putting in the rear seats PLUS''large''TRS, even if the journalist has said in the article.

And we must admit that this restyling is certainly lightweight, but very Russian style: Soul is much more modern than before to MalVu 16h20: correction: it would be the plutt SKODA YTI who was inspired the KIA Soul, as the YTI was released a year later than the Soul.

The tandem BVA has-been (and plates SEMS) / suspates (TRS) is not really cohrent sport. Nice face reminiscent of a small Skoda Yeti.