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How to turn a free highway for the machine?

Wednesday February 1, private companies raise the price of motorway tolls and managed by the A9 Highway in the south of France (ASF, Vinci Group) will not escape this increase inflation but another awaits those who l Summer use this route to travel to Spain on the French coast that stretch of the Grande-Motte in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

A little before arriving at Montpellier, just after the tollgate, the Languedoc is free Or arguing that many accidents occur on this stretch of motorway, the prefecture of the Hérault has decided to reduce the speed of 110 to 90 km / h at peak hours (7:00 to 9:00 / 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) This portion of highway borrowed from these schedules by 4500-5.

000 vehicles, from Monday to Friday, could become very profitable ... for the state.

Numbers? Between 6 am and 9 am and 18h band 21h, only on speed cameras, 18,250 flashes were triggered last year ... Not to mention the many mobile radars But the figures remain secret.

"Collecting these data would be very complex" does one ensure the communication department of the regional grouping of the police-often installed on this popular stretch of motorway for trucks coming from or bound for Spain.

Last year, the only fixed speed cameras have reported large

One thing is certain, financial penalties meted out to motorists distracted or (and) big hurry reported last year, there is only during peak hours (excluding weekends), the State should have received (provided that the PV will all be paid by offenders) over 830.

000 euros thanks to its speed cameras on this stretch of only 10 km! The majority of violations reported (over 90% of them) being done for speeding less than 20 km / h, therefore liable to a fine of 45 euros.

On the highway, the rate of offending statement is actually higher between midnight and 6 o'clock. Fewer cars are outstanding at this time, but more travel at higher speeds. On the other hand, there is more crime at the weekend, as more cars travel at the time of the week ...

Motorists warned by lighted signs

To prevent road and motorists, ASF will install variable message display boards on gantries over the motorway, at each end of the section concerned. Identifying poles installed at the ramps will be installed. The experimental phase will be launched on July 1.

In the coming years, this stretch of motorway is brought free to be reclassified as urban boulevard because of the construction of a duplication of the A9. A project which is estimated at 800 million euros, of which the commissioning is scheduled in 2017.

From our correspondent in Montpellier, Guillaume Mollaret

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