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Renault accused by a former employee of spying mobile phone and email

The former head of security at Renault, Dominique Gevrey, indicted for fraud in the false spy case that rocked the automaker, accusing him of spying and softphone botes mails of employees, in an interview with JDD.

Dominique Gevrey, rest in eight months dtention temporary, says it has not itself spy softphone professionals at Renault because "there was a service for a". He said t have convened in January 2011 by its suprieur hirarchique who asked him to enquter "Chairman's statement on Renault, possibly on a flight APRS r union had t o evokes the takeover of Opel. "

"Carlos Ghosn supper two senior executives from Renault for having spoken of the representatives of the state," says Gevrey, who having received notice of prcise numros softphone for mobile of intresss.

"I was instructed to make their Fadette + +", he said, in REFERENCE to invoices tlphoniques Retailer "It is not I who am responsible for myself but I had to hand your exact A senior official had called the eleven minutes.

For the Renault computer, the softphone had no secret, "says the former head of security noting that obtaining such information ncessite normally" a commission of a judge "" They were In the afternoon even in the house there was a Renault of paranoia so acute and spy, "he says.

Dominique Gevrey, indicted for fraud-band organizes announcement also want to give beginners fvrier to Judge Herv Robert, who INVESTIGATION on the false spy case, "a computer" that have "recovered." It contains many things, including espionage of some internal mails botes Renault. "

Justice the supper to have contributed a scam intelligence wrongly accused by industrial espionage three Renault executives. License beginners May for "serious misconduct", he says he acted in good faith, saying he does "pig by intermdiaire mystrieuse a source he called" the Belgian ".

Sollicit by AFP, Renault declined to comment because "the investigation is ongoing."

Bettencourt: Former Labour Minister Eric Woerth is convened next week from the judges.