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BMW xDrive M550d three turbo diesel for the very first M

They are four. Four BMW hit the famous emblem "M" department BMW M GmbH, the branch of the German high performance: these are M550d xDrive, M550d xDrive Touring, X5 and X6 M50D M50D, each led by an extraordinary six-cylinder bursting of torque. No less than 740 Nm at 2,000 r / min, 60 Nm more than what develops at 1500 rev / min the V8 twin-turbo all-new BMW M5. Miraculous?

Not at all. Part of the secret of this engine is that it runs on diesel and not great, despite his signature "M BMW Performance". It will take you to: "M" and Diesel have nothing to paradoxical.

The other piece of the secret lies in the use of a triple boost. Technophiles can sit down, no, this is not the first application of the technique of the turbocharger system to which the consultants working for BMW. But the logic is similar: to fill the hollow to the acceleration of the inertia born turbine driving the compressors.

The solution adopted by BMW is to combine the action of two small variable geometry compressors and high pressure with that of a larger low-pressure small turbos activate at low speeds due to their low inertia, while the largest will take over that from 1500 rev / min.

In the case of a turbo power, a small motor driving the compressor instead of the flow of exhaust gases.

The result is impressive to say the least. Under the action of the three turbos, the 3-liter diesel develops no less than 381 horsepower and propels the 5 Series from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. Thank you, xDrive all-wheel drive!

The best is yet to come: in the words of its manufacturer, BMW xDrive M550d would be able to be satisfied by an average of 6.3 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers. With light foot, of course. Nevertheless, this value would allow the certified BMW Diesel explosive fall below 165 g / km of CO2 and n'écoper "only" a penalty of 750 euros.

This detail should be irrelevant to those who can afford a BMW xDrive M550d, either sedan or wagon Touring: if you know the price of an ordinary 535d xDrive 313-hp, we can s wait to see the note exceed 60,000 euros.

HOnet bmw has included all people want a car that is sporty, friendly members time that's it! that you want to go on vacation in the south it's not fun to meter several times to achieve the full and especially financially

I do not see the intrt of this powerful diesel achtent people who this does not proccupent consumption, they prfrent have fun at the wheel so the wheel of an essence. And I think the prices will be closer to 70,000? only 60,000? ...

Another beautiful dmonstration the automotive field more focused to the needs of our answer sixtieth in need of recognition (which have the capacity to 60 000 dpenser? In this type of car) that APRS thirty car enthusiasts have seen oiling the Le Mans 24 Hours, Jaguars and Porsches, that we are witnessing prostitution M logo (a symbol of sporting fun sound and driving).

BMW turns to the driver rsolument over 50 years who wants his thunder collgues office without going out on tour must go obviousness of the automotive world by a spin! Strongly electric vehicles (with a longer battery life) to bury the oil nausabond and noisy (even if the devices are so dear to transform our country.

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