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Imagine a slogan Smart and display it in your neighborhood!

"Outsmart the city" is the name of the campaign designed by smart marketing teams of Mercedes-Benz France and the agency CLM / BBDO many as 250 different hooks and location-were created.

Displayed in cupboards 4x3 or bus shelters, colorful posters include slogans "pinning with humor and second-degree parking problems specific to the city, neighborhood or street in which they appear."

Examples among others: "Parking in town the first time, it's called an urban legend" (click to view the poster in its entirety) near Paris, in a nearby town made famous by a tube of the Nameless, in the 80, we read: "Parking here is easy Passy."

In one district of Paris, you can see, "Oh girls, what Calvary to park here," or: "It was soon the rage trying to park near Shepherd" Or: "Boulevard Ornano, even Mesrine could not long remain parked "Report to the famous public enemy number one who ends riddled with bullets while driving his BMW.

This unprecedented display device was made possible thanks to HP digital printing technology, a system that allows you to customize all types of printing, any format or print volumes.

This poster campaign is supported by a mini that relays the transaction and offers a competition for users outsmart themselves by writing their cities, the grip of their neighborhood or their street. The top ten will have their posters actually put near their home or workplace.

The campaign "Outsmart the city" by the numbers:

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