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The game of urban: The Kia Rio and Toyota Yaris attack

It is no secret in the Hexagon, urban French give themselves the lion's share Thus, in 2011, Renault Clio and Peugeot 207 occupied the top two spots on the podium of the best-selling cars The third French city, the Citroen C3, it points in fourth Between them, these models account for nearly one in five new car.

The city imported the first (and best-selling imported model in 2011) was the Volkswagen Polo, relegated to eighth place, with only 2.4% market share.

Toyota intends to play on the chauvinism of the French driver The Japanese did not hesitate to French origins of the third generation the central theme of his campaign communications An argument that can advance the Kia Rio, made in South Korea.

This account, however, references to shake with its European style signed by the German Peter Schreyer, former Audi designer.

Slender, the Kia Rio is not playing the card of originality. It merely seduced by its volume and its balanced lines with accents athletes. The downside: the plastic flange significantly the visibility of the device driver. A roof for a city. Toyota, wiser aesthetically does not suffer from this defect.

As the recent Peugeot 208, the Yaris known to contain its size a time when the Sochaux turned the tide by reducing its length of 7 inches compared to its predecessor, the Japanese keep a template of the content, with 3.85 m length is 13 cm less than a 208 with 4.05 m long, the Rio is among the largest in the segment.

A handicap in the city in finding a parking space.

However, this size difference is not found in the two models have comparable living space and trunk space almost identical (286 liters to 288 liters and the Yaris for Rio) The only area where Rio is actually ascendancy: the maximum loading capacity.

Despite a sill above, it has a flat floor when the seats folded, and a much greater headroom in these conditions.

In terms of perceived quality, our two protagonists show a notch below the European reference. In both cases, the assemblies are serious but showing selected plastics appear sad and unrewarding. The Yaris makes up somewhat due to its brighter interior. An asset that can claim the Rio, served by his side windows that could serve as deadly.

On the road, the two competitors are clearly distinguishable Yaris impresses with a very safe driving behavior is less strict, the Rio oversteer is more sensitive and slightly less stable under braking Despite its tires low rolling resistance Hankook Kinergy, it does not, however, demerit .

It's a little late catching up with a more polished sound, particularly in regard to road noise.

? 2,000 cheaper on the Rio and ? 1,300 on the Yaris Diesel, petrol engine appears to be a relevant choice of such urban. Kia has chosen a four-cylinder aspirated 1.2 of 85 ch. Toyota opposes the 1.33 power of 100 hp, well known in the range of small Toyota.

Rather pleasant and lively, these two engines differ in their gearboxes At Kia is a five-speed gearbox was chosen properly staged and featuring a very sweet control, it is ideal for urban use On paper, Toyota has the advantage of a six-speed gearbox.

However, his staging turns perfectible Its first two reports serve a little too long because the liveliness in the city, however, makes up the Yaris on the road, where the extra power from the Rio gives greater versatility.

Both models are marked in the pants in terms of consumption, in both cases with the figures recorded at around 7.0 l/100 km over a distance mixed with about half the city is noted that the Yaris, as the Rio comes standard with a stop-start automatically.

In both cases, the device is entirely satisfactory, do not start snorting unlike that of some competitors.

With a more powerful engine, Toyota ranks a notch above in terms of the tariff Thus, the Yaris VVT-i 133 Dynamic appears to ? 15,900 against ? 15,190 for the Rio December 85 ch Active latter offers But a richer equipment.If it does not offer the backup camera in the Japanese, it is equipped as standard 15-inch alloy wheels, automatic activation of headlights, rain sensor, electric rear windows and automatic climate control.

Despite its overhead, the Yaris is required by a short head, with its road manners very safe and habitable space report significantly higher.

MODELS is guaranteed its 8 years now? Since when? I do not dispute your link, but my numbers out of the seven-year warranty Argus Kia limits, but that's normal: it is the longest warranty on the market! And so yes there are restrictions but I agree with you: Toyota they do not pose the question as they are given that 3-year warranty.Unsaleable the Kia? Can be (I never tried! But I think no more unsellable as Huyndai, Mazda, Honda), but we are in the XXI century, and dsormais there are other ways to buy a car: LOA (lease-purchase), LLD (Long Term Leasing), which vitent problem of this kind of so-called''a Kia is unmarketable.''

Moreover in LOA or LLD gnralement maintenance is included in the package info for now Kia Rio offers its 98? per month (the price of a package softphone unlimited SFR) for 2 years.

So what? You talk that Toyota does not trust its products for 7 years does not guarantee them except that my example shows that trade policy is a country-specific distributors in Belgium since toyota is guaranteed 5 years Besides, I'm kia surprised that did not guarantee the longest in France if they REALLY taient reliable.We'll have to explain why fiat 8 years and can offer unlimited mileage? So why Kia assistance rose from 7 years 3 years since 2010 beginners? That they have lost confidence in Kia? I tonn not read my link on your rponse totally contradicting what you said about maintenance kia n'taient If Chres not maintain, is not gold, are known to are Chres maintain.

and unmarketable in recovery or even between individuals (a short stint on the show you lacentrale) Finally, I think it is you who are in bad faith! Out!.

Until proven otherwise, we are in France, and are talking about the political marketing of each brand in France. But if you DSIR based on this ground, I remind you that guarantee KIA MODELS his 10 years in the United States ... And Toyota? I'll let you find ...

Test Toyota Yaris 1.33 VVT-i and Kia Rio 1.2 CVVT.

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