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Little 4: Electric cordless leg and without a license

Little is a new brand created a few years ago by the consulting firm Technical Studio. For regulatory reasons, the team Orleans chose to be confined to niche quadricycles (which includes cars without a license). With the first model as a small car range, the Little 4, the lines evoke a Citroen Mehari Mini Moke or modernized.

The times require, Technical Studio has focused on power as its competitor Volteis Thus the Little 4 comes standard with a pack of lead acid batteries (for cost reasons) giving autonomy about 100 km far, nothing extraordinary, except one among the most affordable price in the market for electric cars: from 12.

500 euro.

The peculiarity of the Little 4 comes from its method of manufacture. Technical Studio without the necessary structure to an in-house production, it is via licenses sold throughout Europe. This is where Damien Biro, founder of Ecomobilys, SMEs located in Calais.

"We bought the manufacturing license of the Little 4 to ensure production in our workshop" So Ecomobilys has already passed some of those little electric cars to the City of Calais, which also offers rental "But if the vehicle seemed to us promising, we wanted to go further, "Damien takes Biro."That's why we developed the technology Biro Inside, transforming this small electric car into a plug-in hybrid."

Similar on paper than the Volt, the system Biro Inside is actually much less complex, is closer to that of the Renault Kangoo Elect'Road marketed in small quantities in the early 2000 A generator thermal load of 'feed the batteries when they go below a certain level of load.

The wheels are always driven by the electric motor without the engine does not directly involved in traction.

The first prototype using this technology was based on a utility Piaggio Porter electric model is also sold by Ecomobilys However, even according to Damien Biro, this model was used primarily to technological showcase "This prototype is based on Porter did not show satisfactory mainly regarding noise and vibration when the engine engaged.

He used only those existing, including an industrial generator that was not optimized The next step is to refine the system to provide decent performance and a pleasure. "

H said, so the journalist is a steering wheel and console counter 107, not 207!

I reget that the way to extending the life of this small electric vehicles is not dvoil. I guess it is a auxiliary engine. For a simple single cylinder, constant rgime small footprint, we reassure the buyers of electric vehicles who fear failure in open country.

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