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The Skoda Fabia puts his sports clothes

Despite his many business successes, Skoda still trying to improve its reputation. That's why the brand has undertaken in many disciplines of motorsport. Thus, the small car Fabia shines for four years now and in the Andros Trophy Championship Rally IRC. Launching a sports version of the small Czech city flowed so naturally.

The Fabia RS is in a hotly contested category among its competitors, there is the invincible Renault Clio RS, but the Citroen DS3R and the Mini Cooper S From fine linen, which requires the Fabia to be in tune to display its sportsmanship, she offered the 17-inch wheels shod with 205/40 tires, a small spoiler, spoilers, and a rigorous theory of logos "VRS".Obviously, with the roof black and green color copy of our test, the car does not go unnoticed, however, the passenger made a wry face Except specific logos and more enveloping seats, the Fabia RS does not differ from their sisters TDI engine damage! We will console still enjoying remarkable livability of this city of 4 m long.

Height of 315 liters, the trunk remains one of the largest category and the rear seats will show perfectly usable, unlike competitors equipped with bucket seats too large.

To make this sport model, the manufacturer uses a proven recipe: dip into the bank of the parent body of Volkswagen's powertrain appears strictly identical to that of the Seat Ibiza Cupra 14 This is the TSI turbo compressor and pushed to 180 hp and 250 Nm of torque associated exclusively with the dual-clutch gearbox DSG7.

However, the Skoda Seat differs from its platform and running gear Recall that the Fabia is indeed on the basis of the old Volkswagen Polo Seat while the benefits of the new platform PK25 common to A1 and new Polo.

This choice has forced engineers to compromise despite its 180 horsepower, the Czech Republic does not deserve the label of radical sports Certainly suspensions steep plunge immediately into the atmosphere, however, control of the roll is not exceptional and amortization sometimes proves insufficient.

Typical understeer, it must deal with a few incisive front, which has great difficulty in getting the 250 Nm of torque in all, the age of his heart is clearly evident Dynamically, the Fabia does not play in the same court that the references in its segment, namely the Renault Clio RS and Citroen DS3R.

The small 14 TSI shines, however, its availability and versatility Very torquey, it allows flash overruns, well served by a box DSG7 more effective than usual because it reacts quickly and provides less of jerks that on other models it stands out in normal use in a setting that encourages consumption.It stacks because the reports as soon as possible: high torque at low engine speeds of 14 TSi can run at low speed in fifth or sixth unsportsmanlike strategy paid off but the Fabia RS has blessed us in amazing consumption figures for a car as powerful.

We found an average 7.65 l/100km on a course combining city, highway and country road course in driving, this figure increases dramatically, but the promise is kept.

Finally, the Fabia RS is as a multi-purpose sports, easy to use on a daily basis, providing that extra punch always useful to "drop" intruders. Unfortunately, comfort is not enough as the false note in this compromise close to the philosophy of "touring".

Despite its modern drivetrain, the Fabia RS is one of the least expensive small sports. It is indeed charged ? 21,825, a rate higher than the Abarth Punto Evo 165 HP (? 19,400 in manual transmission only), but much lower than that of the Seat Ibiza Cupra equipped with the same engine (? 24,040).

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