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Car March 2011: Northern Europe laughs, cries of Southern Europe.

For the fourth consecutive year, sales of new cars in the European Union fell in 2011, the decline was more moderate (1.7%), but follows a fall of 5.6% the previous year.

Examined closely, the figures published by the Association fully reflect the economic news of the past year.

This decline owes a lot to falling markets of large countries affected by crises of debt: it is indeed Italy (-10.9%), France (-2.1%), the UK (-4 , 4%) and Spain pulling the numbers down. However, increases in Germany (+8.8%), Netherlands (+15.2%) and Belgium (+4.5%) are used to limit the damage.

German manufacturers recorded a rise in sales. The Volkswagen Group increased by 7.5%, the BMW Group and Daimler 7.6% 0.2%. The Koreans are also at the party since Kia recorded an increase of 11.2% and 10.4% Hyundai. However, Nissan is carried by the Juke and Qashqai, which registers the highest increase with 13.5%.

Latin manufacturers are gray mine with a drop of 12.1% for Fiat, PSA 9% and 8.4% for Renault.

Finally, note that the figures for December do not augur a good year in 2012: the market has registered a fall of 6.4%.

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