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The Opel Mokka attacks Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan

European buyers are increasingly torn between the traditional compact sedan models and raised in the look of adventurer. For proof, Nissan has met with resounding success by selling over a million copies of her crossover Qashqai, which prompted simply the traditional Almera sedan to the output in Europe.

Given the importance of this phenomenon, all volume manufacturers prepare for battle. If Peugeot and Volkswagen are now displayed properly installed and with the 3008 Tiguan, Opel responds to four years after the Japanese phenomenon. With five seats and a length of 4.28 meters, the Mokka leaves no doubt because of its target.

Not surprisingly, the range of engines for the Opel Mokka covers most of the market two four-cylinder petrol engines are offered: a 115 hp 16 atmospheric, which role will be to make the entry-level price down, and a 14 Turbo 130 hp already known about the Astra, including the Mokka will rely also on a well known Diesel.

7 TDCi 130 hp, which should assume the majority of sales All engines are fitted with a system of automatic start-stop.

From the perspective of the transmission, the Turbo 14 and 17 TDCi can receive an optional six-speed automatic all-wheel drive is optional Please note that all Mokka, regardless of the engine or the finish, will feature 18-inch alloy wheels.

This is a selection taken from General Motors, who wanted to standardize the tire size for all Mokka Opel and Buick Still, for a set of running gear with no compromise between various wheel sizes.

Opel promises for this Mokka family skills in line with expectations of the boot space segment will amount to 533 liters, 63 liters more than a Volkswagen Tiguan As for equipment, it will include the latest technology of the brand, starting with the Opel Eye camera with Lane Departure Warning, Collision Warning and recognition of signs.

Adaptive directional headlights and xenon are also present.

Opel has so far not disclosed the price of this new model. However, we can estimate an access fee around ? 22,000 for the petrol version 1.6 two-wheel drive. The marketing will take place end of 2012, when the Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4 Aircross, the Mitsubishi ASX recarrossés, have invested the segment.

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I wanted to buy a 3008 but only because of the price of tires in 17 ", I went to a C4 PICASSO with wheels 16" and rolls as well and is more comfortable.

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