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40 million drivers are mobilized against the alcohol for new year

According to official figures, 29.7% of fatal accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol in one third of these accidents, the blood alcohol appear to be particularly high (greater than 2 g / l).People and alcohol are more aware of the danger they face before taking the wheel and do not remember the circumstances of an accident the day after the Road Safety and 40 million drivers therefore emphasize the importance of relatives: if someone is clearly not fit to drive, do not let him go.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Hybrid: Hybrid annezro

For Daimler Benz, the situation is serious. The German is one of several manufacturers threatened by the European Environment Agency heavy fines next year. 65% of range of all the European manufacturers must indeed comply with a limit of 130 g CO2 per km. A goal that the Star is still far from reach.

The Tesla Model S arrives

After a grand entrance on the market with the sportiest of electric cars, the Roadster (read our test Tesla Roadster 2.5), Tesla is preparing to move up a gear with the Model S. This large sedan, also supply will be assembled in Fremont plant, formerly owned jointly by General Motors and Toyota.

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