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We offer five different market values that vary based on whether you buy or sell the car.

What makes the "Check Car Value" website unique for car valuation?

The "Check Car Value" website is unique when it comes to valuing your vehicle because it provides a comprehensive understanding of what your car is really worth. We offer five distinct market prices, namely Retail, Private, Trade, Dealer Forecourt and Auction, which will empower you with a range of options and insights. Each of these valuations corresponds to a different selling avenue, giving you the flexibility to make informed decisions tailored to your preferences and selling goals. This multifaceted approach ensures accuracy and nuanced comprehension of your vehicle's market value, enabling you to discern how your car's value may vary based on your chosen selling option.

Sell your car to webuyanycar

Sell your car to webuyanycar for a stress-free experience. Enter your basic details and receive a valuation. Book an appointment at one of webuyanycar 500+ branches and confirm your valuation. Get payment in your bank account in just 15 minutes with our Immediate Payment option.

webuyanycar handle the settlement of any outstanding finance. Skip the hassle of a private sale and sell your car to us in under an hour with no pushy sales tactics. Enjoy a 4-day price guarantee and a no-obligation assessment.

  •   500+ branches across the UK.
  •   Sell your car in under an hour.
  •   Instant payment within 15 minutes.
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Sell your car to Motorway

Sell your car easily with Motorway's free instant valuation. Create a detailed vehicle profile with photos. Get the best offer from over 5,000 dealers who compete online for your car. Complete your sale in 24 hours, with home collection and fast payment.

  •   5,000+ dealers compete for your car to give you best offer.
  •   Complete your sale within 24 hours.
  •   Convenient home collection and swift, free payment.
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Sell your car to carwow

Sell your car hassle-free with carwow! carwow platform partners with thousands of trusted buyers to bring you great offers without haggling or fees. Sell your car effortlessly in just a few clicks.

  •   Convenient Free Collection
  •   Effortless Payment Process
  •   Extensive Network of Trusted Dealers
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The Check Car Value website is the most accurate resource for assessing car value. Unlike other platforms that may provide only auction prices, our site offers a comprehensive range of 5 market values. These values give a more detailed and nuanced understanding of your vehicle's worth, including Retail, Private, Trade, Dealer Forecourt, and Auction prices.

To sell your car online using the "Check Car Value" website, simply start by entering your vehicle details, including registration and mileage. Our platform offers a comprehensive valuation based on Retail, Private, Trade, Dealer Forecourt, and Auction prices. Once you have your valuation, explore our partner options for selling your car, such as webuyanycar, carwow, and Motorway. Choose the best offer that suits your preferences, follow the easy steps provided, and complete the sale process hassle-free.